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[Sorry for the unannounced absence (?) sort of thing. If any of you keep up with my personal blog you’ll know that my dog passed away last Friday and it’s been really hard on me. I’m also leaving for school this Saturday, so I’m pretty busy getting packed up and getting everything in order.

I’ll try to do some updates this week, but I’m just letting everyone know what’s going on.]

[Since the largest chunk of the event is now complete, I will post the summary for anyone who wants to catch up on what went down.]


            The shakiness in Kayo’s hands spread downwards.  Perhaps hitting her head had given her a slight concussion, too.  The monster… the beautiful monster.  She knew he wouldn’t hurt her.  Kayo knew he hurt her son… their son…

             Ah, her darling… the father of her beloved child.  Her eyes widened, a resigned, trembling smile on her lips.  He looked so comfortable, so much like home, like happiness…  Kayo remembered that happiness, that completeness, so perfect until that little green-haired whore had gone and gotten murdered.  Oh, the heaviness in Kayo chest lifted as she became a cloud, happy and free.


             Tears of happiness and guilty failure rolled down her cheeks as she threw her arms around his shoulders, leaping into his arms.

"There’s a good girl, there she is,” Venomania cooed, petting the woman’s hair softly, mindful of the talons that could harm her precious head. Gradually they sunk back into his fingers, leaving neat human fingernails clipped short. 

"Sweet Kayo. Let’s go and bandage your hands. They’re bleeding so terribly and I don’t want them to get infected. I have some things in my private chambers that will do the trick." He pulled away from her- but not unkindly- and led her upstairs.

"A bath, and then we will fix you right up. How does that sound, darling?" His wings had since disappeared along with his avian-resemblant feet, leaving his clothes worn and hanging from his body. He took her up the main staircase to the second floor where his private rooms were located. The doors were opened before her and Venomania watched Kayo’s movements closely, being sure that she was fine to walk or if his support was required.

"I’ll run the water for you," he said as he opened the door to his own bath. "Just a moment, sweet."



            Kayo didn’t expect him to be so eager to welcome her, so warm, so familiar… Her eyes softened.  ”Darling, I…” Shakily, she reached for his outstretched hands…

            No.  Her hands curled back.  She couldn’t breathe with him around.  She needed to find her son, she needed to see him, to hold him and tell him she wouldn’t abandon him again and —

           Oh dear lord.  She wouldn’t be able to leave this place ever again, would she.  ”I don’t… that was a long time ago, Sateriasis,” she was getting old, too.  Light crows feet bordered her eyes, but otherwise her age didn’t show elsewhere.  It would likely soon begin to show in her hair, with strands of silver working in among the rose.

           Her darling hadn’t aged a single day.  Further proof of the monster he was.  ”I want to, dear, but I…”  I can’t let you corrupt me again.  My son needs me whole.

Venomania dropped his outstretched hands, dejected, but not angry. “You’re confused,” he stated, keeping a complacent face. “It’s all right. I’ll help you, dear. There’s no need to worry yourself over this.”

A reddish glint reflected in the irises of Venomania’s eyes.

Brown horns rose from the masses of purple hair, accompanied by giant, feathery wings and long talons. Venomania’s trousers were shredded- stretched where bird-like feet had sprouted and contoured his human features.

"Kayo, darling, look at me. There’s no need for you to be afraid of me. I’m not going to hurt you."


            She didn’t have a weapon.  What had she done?  She’d thrown the dagger out the window and her scissors were in the wretched woman’s arm.  Kayo scrambled away from him, the coldness of five years of festering disdain overpowering the creeping, compulsory compassion.

           Those years, more than a decade she’d spent at the Venomania manor before and she’d been convinced those had been the best years of her life.  Those five years of solitude and normalcy had cleared her head and shown her just how sick she’d been.


            “I’m not here for you,” Kayo said coldly, flinching away from him as she pushed herself shakily to her feet.  ”I came because I’m concerned about Sakarias.”  She crossed her arms over her body as if they’d help her keep her resolve.

"Sakarias, yes. There’s no need to worry, love. He’s safe, here, with me. I’ve kept him safe." Venomania extended his hands to her, beckoning for the woman to come into his arms.

"Kayo, sweet. I’ve been so wrong. You were the only one who truly loved me- I can see that now.” The duke’s voice grew more insistent, more urgent. He stepped closer, minding the lady’s protective stance.

"I can see it now, so come and let me hold you, darling. Please.”

Edge of the Blade || Closed Event


            The small woman was easily knocked off, falling back onto her ass on the old carpeted floor.  She went to go at the murderess again, but her hand was empty, scissors still embedded in the would-be assassin’s arm.

             She pushed herself off her feet and made a choice.  Going for the key on the floor, she grabbed it and ran for the window she’d entered through.  Hitting an expanse of smooth stone floor, Kayo’s tabi-clad feet scrambled for purchase as she tried to stop but fell, just barely breaking her fall by grabbing the windowsill, but still feeling the hard impact of her head on the stone floor.  The key in her hand bit into her palm and re-opened old scars.

             With sheer, crazed determination, Kayo pushed herself up and lobbed the key out the window, her last sight of it a glint of light before it disappeared into the bushes.

Venomania’s frozen stance broke and he stepped forward, staring at the bleeding woman on the floor with a mixture of fear and relief. His eyes darted over to Kayo.

Kayo, who had come back to him in his loneliness.

Kayo, who had saved him.

Kayo, who loved him.

Or once did, at least.

The duke’s eyes softened and he smiled to the pink-haired woman. “Kayo. Kayo, you’ve saved me, sweetheart.” His voice dripped with sweetness: pure honey rolling from his tongue to caress her.

"You’ve come back to me and… I can’t possibly begin to thank you, you—" He looked down at her bleeding palms and frowned.

"Kayo, darling, you’re hurt. Look what’s happened to you. Come here, come away from that woman. We need to treat your wound or you’ll be hurt even more. I can’t allow that."

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Anonymous whispered: Even our beloved Mothy hints at GallyxVeno. (joking about the only smut I've ever read without being forced to.) The question is, how did Venomania get the gold dust?

Sometimes I wonder if mothy has read this blog and immediately after wondering I go sit in a corner and pray that the lord is merciful with my soul.

Venomania learns the magic of time travel and sends all his love to the judge while dusting his office nightly with beautiful golden sparkles.

Edge of the Blade || Closed Event


            Kayo discarded her geta by the window and followed the assassin.  She edged around the corner, catching sight of the blue-clad intruder.  Her eyes locked on the raised knife and her heart sped up.  Leaning in further, she takes in the scene in less than a second.

            How… DARE she?  The rage she’d felt at being cast out before burned and bubbled like molten metal in her chest and her fingers tightened painfully around her scissors.  She would relish seeing the corrupted, purple blood stain the floors and seep through his clothes as life left him…

            However, that precious lifeblood would never soak the blade of some random avenger.  This… he was hers.  Sateraisis belonged to Kayo.  How dare this person think to…!

            Eyes wide and half-crazed, Kayo sprinted out from her hiding spot, tackling the would-be assailant to the ground, cursed scissors’ blades digging into the assassin’s forearm.  

A clatter behind him brought Venomania’s body stumbling away, turning and shouting in surprise at the scene before him.

Kachessa, having snuck upon him, was on the floor with a knife, while Kayo wrestled her around. Blood was spilling forth onto the floor, but Venomania could not ascertain whose blood it was. He backed away from the scene until his body was against the wall, eyes wide and breathless.


His hand reached forward, thinking to help Kayo, but he drew back, more afraid for himself in the situation.

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