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SORRY, I’m just tired for today, so no real update. But I hope you guys enjoyed the gifs.

ask-cannibalistic-cheshire whispered: "Woah, suddenly I gotta pay money to touch you?" she smirked slightly. "Well then. Shame I'm dirt poor"

"Not you, dear, just a few troublesome anons."

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Anonymous whispered: (solitarygrimangel) I was going to give you a kiss, but if you don't want it I'll be off to the library.


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yangire-rin whispered: "What would be the hand count from your house?"

"Hand count? Double the number of concubines, wouldn’t it?"

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Anonymous whispered: Roses are red, and cost quite a sum, spread your legs baby, I'll fill it with-- comfort

God made rivers, God made lakes.

God made you.

We all make mistakes.

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Anonymous whispered: (solitarygrimangel) Maybe there's no need, but I just want to.

"It’s fine, Miss Regina. I told you, I don’t need anything for my birthday."

Anonymous whispered: A horseless carriage.

"Did someone leave Josephine’s stable unlocked?"

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Anonymous whispered: Can you make a gifset of some of these

[Sure, if you want? There are quite a few, so I’ll just pick out a couple of my favorites.]

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Anonymous whispered: Twinkle, twinkle little star. We can do it in the car....riage.... Carriage.

"What’s a ‘car?’"