Indefinite Hiatus.

Well, guys. We’ve had a long run together.

Unfortunately, I feel that it is about time for me to close this blog. It had to happen sometime.

I’m growing up. More than that, I am beginning to feel that I cannot move on with my life without drawing a close to this chapter. I started this blog going into my last year of high school, during a time that I needed a lot of support. I am now a sophomore in college, working towards a degree in English. 

I have such fond memories of this blog. And who knows? I may come back now and again when I have a break in the school year (there’s always Christmas and summer). However, don’t expect me back. I’m keeping the blog up for the resources and as an archive of all the fond memories, but the askbox and submit box will be closed. If you would like to get in contact with me (and maybe do a private roleplay, if I feel so inclined,) I will still have my personal blog up. [link]

I had a great time. It’s been an absolutely wonderful 2+ years. Everyone here is so very talented and I’d love to continue speaking with all of you, assuming that you’d like to be friends. I may, in the future, create other roleplay blogs to dapple with, so keep in touch if you are interested.

For now, this is goodbye. I enjoyed every moment of writing Duke- all of the jokes, all of the intricate threads, the plot events… everything. I certainly won’t forget all that I learned here, and I hope all of you stay well in the coming years.

Thank you for the final dance.

- Sateriasis Venomania and Venomomma


"Well, well. How interesting. It seems someone shares my feelings for the Duke."


excuse me I am perfection

little-purple-heiress whispered: "Could I be of assistance papa? I'd like to help."

"I don’t think so, Ianthe. You run along and play with your brother. I’ll finish my work soon enough."



              ·⊰ ※ ⊱ ”..Someone had to double check if you were dead. But apparently, you’re like a cockroach. Always coming back no matter how hard we try to get rid of it.”

"Is that really all? As you can see, I am most certainly alive."

"I would invite you to tea, but I doubt you would enjoy my company." Venomania laughed as he mused over this suggestion. 

"Additionally I would have to search you for weapons… I’m sure you understand."

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yumerou whispered: "Oh, no!" he denied, shaking his head. "I am doing quite fine on materials and such. All I've come to ask for is your company. Would you like some tea? If you direct me to the kitchen, I'll happily make some for you."

"Oh, there’s no need for you to do that, I’ll call one of my servants!" Venomania waved his hand at the guest, insisting that he stay seated.

"Please, you are a guest, and I cannot have guests serving me when I have a perfectly capable house staff."

little-purple-heiress whispered: "I will papa. What have you been up to?"

"All sorts of boring adult things, Ianthe. Being a duke for the empire is very taxing and requires much of my time."



              ·⊰ ※ ⊱ ”..Tch.”

        Blue eyebrows furrowed slowly, a scowl coming onto the count’s face.

              ·⊰ ※ ⊱ "Somewhere you aren’t going.”

"I was not asking for a response, sir.” Venomania’s lips thinned into a hard line.

"Why is it that you have come, anyway?"

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       - ✄ {  ”… There’s only ever been one thing I desired from you that hasn’t already been given freely, my beloved,” she responded, hesitant.  ”But I know that my request is too much to ask of you.”

"Nothing is too much to ask, my dear. Please, tell me what you would like." Venomania bent down and took the woman’s hands in his own. 

I would catch the world and wrap it in the prettiest box if that was your wish. It is the least that I owe you for returning to my side.”

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yumerou whispered: "I'm glad to hear." The tailor let out a soft sigh at the question, his fingers fiddling with each other as he casted a sideways glance. "I have been well... But, also rather bored. I have had very little customers as of late." Then, the smile came back. "So, I thought that I should pay one of my best customers a little visit~ That is, if you don't mind my presence?"

"Of course I do not mind, you are always welcome in my home.” Venomania crossed his legs, smiling gently at his guest.

"Are you in need of some new materials once more? You know that you are welcome to ask me, and I can send some your way."


"Unfortunately now is not an option. I have reports to hand in to Madame President soon."


"Very well, I understand. Another time, then."